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Who hasn’t lost power on their cell phone or laptop at the wrong time?  You’re working on a client email and, suddenly, your smartphone gives out. Your laptop runs out of juice right before you save the big project you have been working on for the past three hours. This situation has occurred in all of our lives, but now there are emergency chargers for your mobile phone, camera, game player, or any USB-powered device designed to prevent these unfortunate events from happening.

Contact me today and I’ll share some great branded solutions to ensure to Eliminate Dead Battery Drama from your life.

Eliminate Dead Battery Drama

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  • Jake Steinle says:

    I wanted to make sure I took a minute to review this wonderful product as it has been and continues to be a total lifesaver! As a real estate agent, I am completely dependent on my phone to communicate with clients and close deals while I am out of the office, so there is nothing worse than a dead phone in the middle of a busy day! To say it is a “business solution” doesn’t give the product the justice it deserves, it is more than that. It is very easy to use, charges via a USB port or wall plug incredibly quickly and will bring your phone back to life in no time… not to mention it is the perfect size to carry around in your pocket or purse! I have to say this is a “must-have” for any business professional who spends a considerable amount of time out of the office or on the road. Jake – AtProperties

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